Our vision is to Imagine and Lead the Future of healthcare for People with life-altering conditions, creating Value for Society.

<p>Our vision is to <span class="txtBlue">Imagine</span> and <span class="txtMauve">Lead</span> the <span class="txtOrange">Future</span> of healthcare for <span style="color: #6ac2ca;">People</span> with life-altering conditions, creating <span class="txtFucshia">Value</span> for <span class="txtGreen">Society</span>.</p>

At a glance

Business review

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This year saw us continue to deliver on our growth commitments and further advance our pipeline. We articulated a 2020 vision and built on our unique culture of aspiring to be as brave as the people we help.

Angus Russell - Chief Executive Officer

Angus Russell

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Chairman's review

At Shire we have always embraced change as an opportunity to become even better. Looking ahead, we are well prepared to enjoy the next chapter of growth in our ongoing story.

Matthew Emmens - Chairman

Matthew Emmens

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Our strategy and business model

We are focused on delivering demonstrable value.

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Our strategy

Key performance indicators

Shire measures its performance using both financial and non financial Key Performance Indicators (“KPIs”).

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Revenue growth from net product sales ($BN)

Revenue Growth From Net Product Sales

Year on year growth in 2012

Living up to our responsibilities.

We know that putting patients at the heart of everything we do in order to enable them to lead better lives creates big responsibilities for us.

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Lady & baby

Risks and uncertainties

The Group has adopted a risk management strategy designed to identify, assess and manage the significant risks that it faces.

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Financial review

Graham Heatherington
Another strong year for Shire with 12% growth in product sales and 14% growth in Non GAAP earnings which have driven particularly strong cash generation.

Graham Hetherington - Chief Financial Officer

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A sound governance structure engenders a successful company.

The Board is committed to high standards of corporate governance which is the foundation of a sustainable and successful company.

Closely linked to governance is culture. The Board works with management to set the values of the Company and to create a culture which promotes integrity, responsibility and putting the patient at the heart of what we do.

The Board’s core activities in 2012 included the review of the Company’s long term strategy, the monitoring of performance, consideration of the risk identification and management system, the review of material risks, and board and management succession.

Matthew Emmens -

Financial statements

Detailed financial information for the year ended 31 December 2012.

Other information

This section contains other financial information including the parent company accounts, details of Shire’s head offices and main operating locations, cautionary statements and Shire trade marks.